Morning People vs. Night People

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Did you ever hear the saying “I’m just not a Morning Person.“ Personally I said that sentence way too many times, but quite some time ago I changed it to “I’m just a Night Person.” Which of course earns me some confused looks at times. “A Night Person? What the hell is that supposed to be?” I’m sure some of you were thinking that. Well let me explain what I mean and why this has its downfalls.
Everyone knows those “Morning People”. You know… they open their eyes and are instantly awake with a good mood and ready to start the day. Those people seem to have found the secret to a perfect start in the morning. They are highly active in the early hours and achieve a lot during the day. For me this is something I just couldn’t image possible. Also, I’m somewhat envious of those people. All this energy and positive attitude when they just woke up… Where does it come from I wonder. If you’re such a person… bloody hell, how do you do it?

Now there are also those kinds of people that are grumpy in the morning. They need at least half an hour before their brain starts working and their mood starts improving. I found, they usually start getting active at around 8am to 9am. Those are the kind of people that will say “Oh, well I’m just not a morning person”.
I’m sure until here we can all agree with what I said, and we all know at least one person of each category. Now, this still doesn’t explain what I mean by a “Night Person”. Take me for instance. I am like that “Non-Morning Person”… just worse. I can’t handle early mornings and I will attempt to scratch out your eyes if you talk to me when I just woke up. This sounds like an exaggeration, but trust me, it isn’t. I don’t even talk until I had my coffee and a smoke. I mean literally I won’t talk, just grunt at you and hope to kill you with my eyes if you’re trying to make conversation. The only exception is if I get woken up by an important phone call or if some emergency is at hand… you know, like the house is on fire or something. Also it doesn’t matter if I slept 4 hours or 10 hours the night before. If I have to get up before 9am I will be tired all day. Trust me, I tested it. I tried to switch my internal clock… without success. This alone doesn’t classify me as a “Night Person” though. There is also the fact that my most productive time is during the late hours. Anything from 9pm to 3am. Which is great if you’re a programmer, but not if you’re a student or have a “day job”.

I think you get the idea what I mean by “Night Person” and “Morning Person” now, right? Let’s look at the ups and downs of those two. (I will abbreviate NP and MP from now on… you get what I mean)

It seems society expects you to be a MP. Most business work during the day and a normal working day is classified as “8am to 4pm” or as “9am to 5pm”. (At least in my culture) This is perfect if you’re a MP, but just image how well that goes when you’re a NP. You know, I’m not complaining really, because being a NP has its upsides. If you work at night, there are a lot less distractions to worry about. For instance you won’t get a random phone call or people constantly asking you to stop what you’re doing to do something else or to help them out. Of course this also means you’re faced with a few problems. Imagine a normal day and the things you might have to do. Go to the bank, go shopping, get the laundry done, clean up at home, and whatever else you’re planning. If you’re a MP that’s not a problem because you’re usually up at 7am and ready to go out by 8am. Enough time to get everything done. Being a NP makes things a lot harder. Again I will use myself as an example. Whenever I can I don’t wake up before 10am and because I take so long to wake up I’m usually only leaving the house at 12pm. That leaves me about 4 to 5 hours to complete all the tasks. Things get a little rushed to say the least. Now, don’t think because of that, that I’m lazy. Trust me when I say I work hard and there are certain people that keep telling me that I work too hard at times. The difference is: the time I “loose” in the morning I reclaim at night. I mostly don’t go to bed before 1am, some nights not before 3am. Why? Because “I have shit to do”… But jokes aside, it’s really just that. I have things I want or have to do and didn’t have time to do during the day. Besides, because I sleep so long I mostly don’t get tired until around midnight.

Again, all this may sound like a “personal problem” or you might think “well you’re just lazy, suck it up and get up at 6am”. The problem is I’m not the only person with that problem. I know a bunch of people that just like me, are “Night People”. Also, as I said earlier: I tried to change it. Nothing seems to work. This is not supposed to be a rant or anything, I just thought I share my experience and make you aware that there are certain people that work better at night. Don’t tell me “then get a night job”. Have you looked at the options for night jobs? There aren’t many and frankly, most aren’t very good. I think in the end I will end up working nights because I just imagine my life any other way. I love nights. It’s peaceful and less morons to deal with. The world just seems to be a different place at night. If you ever went out at night when you were young to just enjoy the night you know what I’m talking about. The streets are nearly empty, everything is bathed in the dim shimmer of street lights…. Ok Ok I’ll stop, but you get the idea. I just wish that society would actually accept “Night People” as a real thing. Not just the usual “You’re just weird” answer.

Are you a MP or a NP? Or do you think all I’ve said so far was just bullshit? Let me know in the comments below. I’d like to hear your opinion on this topic because it’s been in my head for quite some time.

~ mau ~

7 thoughts on “Morning People vs. Night People

  1. I usually wake up (in a quite good mood) between 4 and 5am and I feel like before 8am is the best time to pull off things for me. After that the “world starts turning”, and everthing’s getting way too busy. Does that make me a MP oder NP?


    • Hmm, I’d say super MP. Seems you’re waking up when I just fell asleep… well that would be the case considering we would still be in the same time zone. ^^


  2. Ha ha, me too! I don’t know about other English-speaking places, but in the US, we call NP’s night owls. If you say that, people immediately know what you mean.

    I am a total NP — my body, left to its own devices, will fall asleep around 2 am and wake after 10 am. Always been that way. Grumpy in the morning? I remember waking up one Christmas morning and hearing my family standing outside my door arguing about who had to go in and wake me up because they wanted to get the day started. There were a lot of, “I’m not going to do it, you do it!” statements being made… Clearly I had trained them well to fear my morning wrath. I was quite pleased and continued to pretend to be asleep.


    • Haha yeah, I guess I could have called them Night Owls, but NP just stuck with me for some reason.
      And your body sounds pretty much like mine. Sadly I don’t get to do that very often.
      Oh wow, your family must really be afraid to wake you up. Mine just learned to not talk to me until I’m half awake ^^


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