FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Here we go! I thought I finally get on to answering some of your questions. Below are questions that I either get alot or I thought were very good. This will get updated as I get more questions.

If you have a question for me yourself, you can either leave a comment here, contact me on any of my social media sites or check out my ask.fm page. Link here: Clicky


  • “So, how old are you actually?”
    Well I’m probably older than you think. But since I’m lazy and don’t want to update this every year, I’ll just tell you my birthday and you can do the math yourself 🙂
    Of course just telling you would be boring so here’s a few hints. My birthyear is a dubble diget year and also a palindromice number e.g 77, 88, 99
    My birthmonth is in Summer (for most parts of the world)
    e.g June, July and August
    My birthday is actually a pretty popular day in the US. Lots of fireworks and celebration *cough* and independance or something.
    Need another hint? Well, I’m a cancer. That should narrow it down.


  • “What’s up with your accent? Where’s that from?”
    Hmm, to be honest it’s from nowhere specific. I know I have a really strong accent and people either love it or hate it. I haven’t met a person yet that was indiferent to it. I’m actually Austrian, but grew up in Germany. I now live in New Zealand since the end of 2008. So I guess it’s a mix of all of those.


  • “Why did you start YouTube?”
    Thats a question I hear quite often and the answer might sound clichĂ©,  but I honestly just like making people smile or laugh. I had some rather though times growing up and struggled with depression and other mental health issues. It took me quite some time to get over it and I just wanted to help out people that are going through something similar. I like making people laugh, it really makes me happy. Sadly I’m not a comedian or anything, and I probably would be horrible at it. So when I found out about Let’s players and how that helps people to smile each day I knew that, that is what I wanted to do. I’ve been a gamer all my life and most of the time I’m not half bad at it. So if I can do something I love and make people happy with, why not do it?


  • “Do you think you can become big on YouTube? I mean.. you’re a girl.”
    Well, you got a point there. Most of the “really successful” YouTuber seem to be male. But luckily I didn’t start this to become successful. If my videos can make only 1 person smile a day, I’m happy. I know, I know this probably sounds super clichĂ© but it’s true. I don’t care if I’ll ever be “big” on YouTube or not. Just hearing from a few people that they enjoyed a video makes my day.


  • “What other sites are you on?”
    Truthfully I’m not big into the Social Media Hype. I might have to one day, but for now I just stick to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Ask.fm and my blog. Confession…. I’ve never even looked at Tumblr or Instagram. Like I never even checked out their homepage or what ever they have. Why? I just never really had any reason to.
    Oh, nearly forgot, there are 2 more sites I’m frequently on. One is my deviantArt page and one is the Aarinfantasy Forum.


  • “You seem pretty open about sexuality. So what’s yours?”
    Also a question I hear quite often. Most people think me to be either Lesbian or at least Bi-sexual. Truth is I’m neither, I’m actually straight. Sure, I’ve tried other things but it didn’t really work out for me. In fact I’m a demisexual and I generally don’t much care for sex or sexual things. If you don’t know what a demisexual is I recommend you check out this link: Clicky   It’s a rather interesting topic if you’ve never heard of it. I plan on writing a whole blog about different sexualites soon, as many people don’t really know about most of them.


I think that’s it for now. Again, please feel free to drop me a question or comment below. Of course you can also find me on my social media sites. Thanks for reading and asking ^^

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