Things you should know about me and my blog

If you’re new to my page: thank you for checking it out! Feel free to drop me a message how you found out about this. There are a few things you should know about me before you start reading though… think of it as an ice breaker or a few rules to make things easier for both you and me.

Things you can expect from my page and things I just do:

– I tend to swear from time to time, so if that offends you, it might be best if you click away now. I will try to limit myself, but if I write about something I care about I tend to swear without thinking about it.

– I am very open towards any religion, sexual orientation or other personal preference. So if you’re homophobic or otherwise ignorant to other peoples preferences, please just click away. I don’t want to have to go through comments and delete them because they are insensitive or just plain rude towards certain people.

– I can never tell when or how often I will post something here. So please don’t expect this to be a “I will post every weekday” kinda blog. I will just post something when I have time for it and when I feel its worth sharing.

– I can’t tell you what kind of blogs you can expect, but I think it will most likely just be me talking about random stuff. Things that I notice, or things that are important to me. Anime and Manga will definately be a topic though.

– You are always welcome to comment, repost, like or share my posts. In fact I encourage you to comment and tell me what you think so I can improve my blog or change things around.

Thanks for reading, now enjoy the posts ^^

A few links:

YouTube: Clicky

Facebook: Clicky

Twitter: Clicky Clicky

HINT: If you scroll down the the bottom of my page you can find my RSS feed, search posts by month and check my latest Status update, which will tell you what I’m currently working on.

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