How to keep your partner happy.

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This topic has come up so many times in my life that I lost count. “How do you keep your partner happy?” It seems like such a simple question and for some reason people think I know the answer to that question. I was asked about this by both girls and guys equally, so I thought I might as well write my experiences and recommendations down. Don’t think I have the ultimate answer to that question, but I think most of what I’m about to say will help you at some point or another. I’m gonna split this blog in two parts, one for the girls and one for the guys.

GIRLS: How do I keep my guy happy?

Firstly, if you’re seriously asking yourself this question you’re already onto a good track. I met a lot of girls in my life, and I also saw a lot of… well bitches that didn’t care about anything their partner had to say. So congratz, you’re already out of that category.

Firstly you should think about what kind of guy you’re dating. Is he a gamer, a player, a nerd, a geek, a sports guy? Or any other category you want to split them up. Of course I’m not saying that every guy can be grouped up into one of those, most guys will fall under multiple categories. No matter what kind of guy yours is, they all have a few things in common and this list should be considered if you’re facing a problem or aren’t sure what to do to make him happy. Guys a rather simple if you think about it.

1. Breasts – No I’m not kidding. Breasts have a magical effect on guys. I don’t know what it is, but they always bring a smile to a guy’s face. Especially if they belong to the girl he cares about. Don’t be a bitch about it though, with which I mean don’t ever hold that against him. Just flash him from time to time, it’s not a hard thing to do and you’ll definitely see his face light up. Trust me on that.

2. Food – They say the quickest way to a man’s heart is via his stomach. It’s actually true. I don’t get why it’s such a big deal for most girls to make their man a sandwich. Really, I fail to see the problem. The first time I made my partner a sandwich he was in disbelief; I on the other hand didn’t see why this was something so special. I think it has something to do with the whole feminine movement and the old school view of “Women belong in the kitchen”. Now, I don’t say that’s true, but truth be told; You’re probably a better cook than he is, so just make him something. Also… the magical sandwich… it’s quick and easy to make, so I’d rather make him a sandwich than a full blown meal. Consider your options girl. Rather spend hours in the kitchen to make something “warm” to eat or just make a sandwich? I think the choice is obvious most of the time. If you’re one of those girls that just can’t cook to save her life. … … Learn it. Not just for him, but for yourself as well. You don’t want to relay on fast food for the rest of your life. Seriously.

3. Hobbies – Whatever kind of hobbies he has, just try to engage in them with him. There is nothing more irritating than having a girl that doesn’t care about your interests. If he’s a gamer, then ask him to play a game with you or teach you how to play it. If he’s a sports guy, then go out with him and at least cheer him on if you’re not suited to play that sport. Also, I already hear the “girl gamers” scream right now. Listen, if you face yourself in the situation where you stand INFRONT of cover, frantically clicking your trigger but nothing is happening, because you ran out of bullets in the last room and haven’t figured out how to reload yet; You’re NOT a gamer. Simple as that. Ask your man to teach you how it works.

4. Give him space – I know I said you should be trying to engage in his hobbies, but that doesn’t mean you should be clinging on to him 24/7. There are things guys will only do with other guys. If he wants to go hang out with his boys or have a night out, then just let him. It’s not like he’s gonna run off as soon as he sees another girl. If he does… well then you got a dick as partner. Also if your guy is a gamer, then just let him play his game in peace from time to time. Don’t be a nag when he’s at a critical point of his mission or if he’s raiding. Just give him some space and just tell him to let you know once he’s done. That makes things a lot easier for both of you. Same rule applies if you’re guy is training for some kind of sport or just does fitness training.

GUYS: How do I keep my girl happy?

Same as with the girls, if you’re already considering this question you’re probably a better guy than most. Girls a very complicated indeed and most of the time you will find yourself thinking “What the hell just happened?” I don’t mean to discourage you, but that’s a fact. Just try those few points below and see if it helps you out.

1. Surprises – Girls LOVE surprises. I’m not saying you always have to come home with flowers or something like that. And I also don’t mean to text her every 5 min something like “just thinking about you”. The trick is in the SURPRISE part. If it becomes a common thing she won’t appreciate it anymore and probably ends up getting annoyed. Just every couple of weeks do something random for her. Bring her flowers or buy her something small. The important part here is “something SMALL”. Don’t randomly come home with expensive presents. Depending on the girl she might like it or she might wonder what the hell you want.

2. Listen to her – Oh yes, that’s always the hardest part for anyone. If your girl is one of those that just doesn’t shut up and goes on and on and on and on about her nails or something, then you have my sympathy. But honestly if you’re still with that person then she must have something you like. So it might be worth actually listening to her. I’m not saying you have to hang onto every word that comes out of her mouth, but just get the basic idea of what the hell she’s talking about. Granted I know you probably don’t care, so just play a game in your head. If she’s telling you about her day, just pretend you were walking with her and then suddenly the zombie apocalypse broke out and you had to shoot every person she mentioned. DON’T ever tell her that, just play it in your head and enjoy the story. Most girls will go into great detail about their day so it shouldn’t be hard for you to paint that picture in your head. You’ll see she will appreciate that you’re paying attention and you will also be able to remember certain things she said when she randomly decides to bring them up again. “You remember when I told you about XXX yesterday? Well guess what…. “ You can now actually say “Oh yes that was when you…” and so on. She’ll appreciate it. Also don’t forget to ask her about her day if she doesn’t start talking on her on. For girls it’s really important to have the feeling that her guy actually cares what she’s been up to all day. Just ask her and ready your guns. You’ll get through it.

3. Do girly things with her – More things guys hate. Yay! But hear me out first. I’m not saying you should go to the hairdresser with her or something. But just watch a romantic movie with her from time to time. If you can bear with it, then go shopping with her and let her stop at every store to stare at things for ages. While she’s doing that you can always play the zombie game in your head again.

4. Be a gentleman – And another cliché, yes yes I know, it sounds like I’m just making you guys do everything you don’t want to. But again, read what I have to say first. Being a gentleman isn’t about throwing your jacket over every puddle or jump in front just to open the door for her. In fact don’t do those things. What I mean is something much simpler. Just do it when the chance comes up. Like when you’re walking to the car and you happen to walk past her side first, then just open the door. Or carry the heavy things for her if you see she’s struggling. Again, you don’t need to do that EVERYTIME just whenever it seems natural. Don’t go out of your way to do “nice” things, because that just makes you look desperate or as if you’re trying to prove something.

Same Sex Couples

If you’re in the position where your partner is of the same sex, then just think about if he / she is more like a girl or a guy and then read up on the appropriate section. In case of gay couples and my mention of breasts, just think about the equivalent for it on the male body 😉

Now, with all that said let me make something clear again: I am by no means an expert or think that those points will be the ultimate answer everyone is looking for. This isn’t even meant as relationship advice or anything, because I’m by no means the right person to give you such. All of this was just from my experience. Whether or not you give it a try is up to you. If you do decide to give a try, or are already doing some of these, let me know in the comments how it’s working out for you. I’d also like to hear any ideas on more recommendations or your own experiences.

~ mau ~

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