Anime Figures – overpriced or the best thing ever?

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Look at the time; it’s been already a month since I last posted something. Thank you for those that still keep checking regularly. But I did warn you that this might happen ^^

I had actually planned for a different topic, but to be honest this just seemed like so much more fun to talk about. Hm? You wondering what I had originally planned? Well… you’ll see soon, I will eventually write about that.

This time it’s a topic I’m not too familiar with and want your input on. Anime Figures: Overrated and overpriced? Or the best thing ever?

Ever since I was a little girl Anime has been a part of my life. I still remember running home from school to catch the next episode of Dragonball on TV. Ah the fond memories… I was 12 back then and I believe this was also my very first Anime.

Figma Insane - Black Rock Shooter

Figma Insane – Black Rock Shooter

A whole new world had opened up in front of me that has held me firmly in its grip ever since then. When I was 14 I read my first Manga; which was Basilisk. And with 16 I bought my very own first Manga; which was Angel Sanctuary.

As you can see I was introduced into Anime / Manga rather early on so naturally I started digging around a bit. Found a few stores that sold all the Manga related goodies. DVDs, books, apparel and of course those incredibly pretty PVC figures. I can’t tell you how fascinated I was by those. Of course I was thinking about starting my own collection, but looking at the prize tag always scared me off. Being a 16 year old student sadly doesn’t come with a lot of money.

Now let’s skip ahead a few years and look at things today. Until recently I was able to contain my urge to start collecting those shiny figures, but of course the thought of it never went away. If you were to ask me how many different Anime I watched over the years I could only tell you “its hundreds”. I lost count a long time ago, so much so that I had to start keeping a “list” of things I watched with my own personal rating and impressions. Of course over the years there have been many, many good Anime that provided me with hours of entertainment, joy, sorrow and all sorts of other feelings. Different characters just stick out and you start to remember them randomly and see similarities in people you know. (Or at least I do)

Roronoa Zoro - One Piece

Roronoa Zoro – One Piece

When I see those characters “brought to life” in the form of PVC figures which you can touch and look at from any angle I imagine any Anime fan’s heart skipping a beat.

I wouldn’t say that I’m a total “fangirl” when it comes to Anime / Manga and I surely will not make a squeaking sound when I see things related to my favourite Anime, but I can’t deny that I like pretty things. Also, I’ve recently became active on a specific Anime Forum (which I won’t mention here for now) and being able to just talk about your favourite Anime or discuss different views on things made me realize that I still want my very own collection. So I started to look around for stores near me. Sadly I couldn’t find any good ones; which lead me to looking into the whole “importing issue”.

There are a few websites from which you can order anything you could want. After digging a bit deeper and comparing some prices I found that it seems to be the cheapest option to just order directly from Japan. Even with the shipping cost you’ll still get a better prize than buying local. Now why is that? Does there really need to be such a high markup on these things? One other issue I came across is “cheap” copies. Of course this issue isn’t a sole problem for Anime figures; everything that’s expensive and highly sought after will be copied and forged.

Anime Shop

What are your experiences? Did you order something online or bought it local? What about import tax or shipping damage? Now, I know, a few people will tell me “oh just fly to Japan and buy them there”, which is a very valid point, but sadly I have neither the money nor the time to do so. That’s why I decided to buy online.

If you were to ask me “why bother?” or “why do you want to start collection those figures?” my answer would be simply: Why collect anything at all? There are people that collect stamps or soft toys or coins or all sorts of other things. I think it’s just a matter of doing something you like. Are you one of those people that already has some kind of collection? Or are you planning on starting one? Just let me know in the comments below, or use my new “contact me” link at the very top to send me an email. As always, I appreciate any likes, shares or feedback.

Before I forget: As I was contemplating whether or not to start a collection of those amazing pvc figures I remembered that I already had a starting point. I received a very adorable Cloud figure some years ago by a very good friend of mine. I’ll post a picture of it below. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? ^.^

~ mau ~

Cloud - Final Fantasy VII (front)

Cloud – Final Fantasy VII (front)

Cloud - Final Fantasy VII (back)

Cloud – Final Fantasy VII (back)

10 thoughts on “Anime Figures – overpriced or the best thing ever?

  1. I totally understand you here… it’d just be awesome to be able and touch them and look at them from any angle possible!
    but the prices…
    When I just went to visit my friend in Austria she introduced to another friend of hers… and that friend has more than 300 figurines in their 11m² room at home!!! whole cupbards and shelves and even extra made for her figurines!

    She spends like all her money for those and can only do that because she moved back home and her parents pay the rent and whatnot… ^^

    so yeah it would be awesome to have them but then the prices and also storing(displaying would be some kind of trouble, at least at my place :/


    • Wow that sounds like she really spend a lot of money on her collection. Granted she’s not the only one I heard of that did something like that.
      I’m not planning on spending that much money on it, but even just one figure can set you back by a couple of hundred $ at a time.
      Also you got a point with the displaying. Personally I’m still not too sure what I’m going to do, but most likely just build some kind of cupboard. Luckily I don’t have space constraints.
      Would you buy them second hand if you were to find some? (I hear there are some websites where you can buy them second hand)


      • I’m actually not a big second hand person, if I buy sth second hand then only because of money issues xD
        but yeah I guess as long as they are in good condition and don’t have any traces of wear, why not?


  2. I have to admit that the figurines just never seem to match up with my vision of the characters well enough to tempt me much. I may someday run into one that does, but so far my piggy bank has been safe. Well, from that, at least. But I did find myself coveting the body pillow covers at yaoi-con… So embarrassing, but I’m starting to see the appeal of curling up with you favorite character.

    Definitely wouldn’t buy one of those used… XD


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