Top 3 Anime for different genres

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This blog is a special treat for all my Anime lovers out there. If you’re not into Anime or haven’t watched any then…

Firstly: I’d like to know why. Seriously. Anime isn’t just “cutesy, girly” stuff, there are A LOT of different anime genres and I can nearly guarantee you, there is one for you as well. Just let me know what kind of movies you’re into and I’ll find an anime that would suit you. Try me 😉
If the art style turns you off, well again there are many different ones, but if you just can’t stand “drawn” things then I’m afraid Anime is not for you.

Secondly: You might wanna skip this blog because I will be talking about Anime, Anime and more Anime. Of course you’re welcome to read it anyway and see if you find something that sparks your interest.

Before we get started though, these recommendations are purely my own opinion. Feel free to disagree with me or tell me if you think you know of better ones. I’m always keen to find a new Anime to watch. Also, I will be skipping a few genres, simply because I haven’t watched Anime from every genre yet. Oh and … yes, I made most of those genres up. You will get the idea though. A couple of the Anime could be in a few genres, but I just took the main one. So let’s get to it.

Team Based:

If you’re a team player and would like to watch something that is heavily team related then these 3 might interest you. You know the whole: One for all, all for one mentality.

Fairy Tail

3. Fairy Tail – this one is about magicians bound together in a guild. The main characters are in a guild called – yes you guessed it – Fairy Tail. Together they engage in different battles, including a few to, well save the world. I really recommend watching this one, if you haven’t already. It has a lot of touchy moments and will defiantly leave you speechless at a few parts.

There are 175 episodes in the first Series, but in April 2014 they released a continuation, with a currently unknown number of episodes.

Katekyo Hitman REBORN

2. Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! – like the thought of being in the Mafia? Like the idea of different elements? Then you should watch this one. It’s about a young boy that’s a complete failure in pretty much everything. He sucks in school, he sucks at sport, he never has the guts to tell his crush that he likes her. You know the typical looser. But then a baby – yes a baby… well sort of – shows up and tells him that he has to be the head of a mafia family. That alone wouldn’t be scary enough, the baby then shoots him which ignites something called “Dying Will Flame” or “Deathperation Flame”. And from there on out it gets interesting. Just watch it, I don’t want to spoil it, I admit it’s a bit slow to start and it can get very annoying at the beginning, because every time the main character gets shot by the baby he shouts “REBORN!”… and gets stripped down to his underwear. That nearly made me stop watching this anime, but trust me… it gets REALLY good once the rings show up. Rings? Just watch it… seriously.

There are 203 episodes with 1 OVA. Well worth your time if you ask me.


1. One Piece – Yes this shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone. Pirates! That sums it up… well Ok there is more to it, but PRIATES! Pirates that have eaten weird fruits that gave them special powers but made them unable to swim would be more correct. The Anime centres around a guy called Luffy / Ruffy (depending if you watch dubbed or subbed) as he starts to recruit new people for his crew. It’s one of those really long Anime that take a while to get good, but once it does… hell it’s really good. Everyone in the crew is very unique and very loveable. They venture out to find the biggest treasure left behind by the greatest Pirate there was, and face a lot of battles. Even though they are hunted down by the Marines, Luffy and his crew are actually doing a lot of good on their journey. If you like epic battles that drag on for multiple episodes and a few interesting plot twist and touchy scenes, then this is for you. Don’t let the “old” art style put you off at the beginning. Sometime during the show the art style gets “updated”. Just bear with it for a bit. Without question one of my all-time favourite Anime, and one of the very few that deserve the hype it gets.

There are currently 654 episodes with a bunch of Movies and OVAs. The anime is still running, so the episode number keeps increasing.



Ah yes… vampires; still a very popular topic. And no… don’t even start with the sparkling things. I haven’t watching, I haven’t read it and I’m not going anywhere near sparkling Vampires.


3. Dance in the Vampire Bund – despite the title, I can tell you now, there won’t be any dancing. It’s in fact about a very old Vampire – that looks like a young girl – that paid off the entire gross national debt of Japan. In doing so she gains the right to build a special district, which will become a haven for Vampires. She also plans to hold a press conference and announce to the world that Vampires exist. Sounds cool, right? Well some people don’t think so and try to kill her. That’s basically the story. Go watch it; it’s worth it if you ask me.

There are only 12 Episodes but there are planning on doing a second season at some point, so keep your eyes open.


2.Blood + – How to explain this one? Hm… It’s basically about a girl that lost her memory and gets handed a sword by a very handsome cello player to defeat the creatures that destroyed her happy life. A lot of fighting and a lot of “ohhhh” moments. I really enjoyed this anime a lot. I’d stay away from Blood C though. It’s more or less a spinoff of Blood + but far less enjoyable.

There are 50 episodes in total, and as I said, by far the better choice between Blood + and Blood C.


1. Hellsing – Well, what else could it have been, right? Alucard, the main character is exactly how Vampires should be. He’s strong, he’s mean and he’s creepy. He was contracted by the female leader of an Organization devoted to destroying Vampires. There is a lot of fighting, a lot of blood and Ghouls… There isn’t much I can say about this other than: WATCH IT! It’s one of those “must watch” Anime. Also, stay away from Hellsing Ultimate. Just as with Blood +, it’s a spinoff and frankly, I hated it.

Another short Anime, with only 13 Episodes, but worth it. Trust me.


Yaoi / Shōnen Ai

That genre doesn’t mean anything to you? Well let me explain. Shōnen Ai means “boy’s love”, Yaoi is the more common name for boy’s love Anime though. Basically it’s about gay guys. Now, if that already turns you off hear me out first. I admit it’s a genre that’s not for everyone, but even if you are a straight guy, I recommend giving it a try. Shōnen Ai are usually a lot less graphical than Yaoi Anime, so I’d say you start with those. Most of these have a very strong focus on romance with a lot cute moments that make even the most masculine men blush. If you are even in the slightest homophobic, then stay away from these genres. If you would like to understand more about the jargon of Yaoi I’d recommend looking at this link. It’s a very nice list of most words you might encounter if you decided to have a look at this genre.


3. Antique Bakery – I put this one as my number 3 because this Anime is good to start with if you haven’t watch Yaoi yet. Most scenes are only implied so it’s nice to ease into this genre. If you are familiar with this genre I’d say Gravitation would have been my number 3. Also if you’re interested in the scenes that aren’t shown in the Anime then go read the Manga. Antique Bakery basically focuses around a … well… bakery. The owner employs a new person and is surprised to find out that this person is actually an old acquaintance from high school. Things start getting interesting once the owner finds out that his new employee is actually gay.

12 Episodes long, but a lot of fun to watch. It left a lot of unanswered questions and the missing scenes I mentioned, but if you’re interested you can always read the Manga.


2. Junjou Romantica – this has to be one of my favourite Anime ever. The story follows 3 couples that aren’t really couples yet and tells the story of how they became one. The main focus is on a high school student that needs extra help for his collage exam, named Misaki. He starts living with a very popular writer, who is also the best friend of his brother. Things get interesting once Misaki finds out that this writer actually works on Shōnen Ai and uses his brother as one of his characters.

This one has two seasons, with the first season having 12 episodes + one OVA, and the second season another 12 episodes.


1. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi – also one of my all-time favourite Anime. The set-up is very similar to Junjou Romantica because it also features the lives of different people that are somehow intervened. The main story centres around a guy that just started a new job at a publishing company. His boss however seems to know him from the past and confronts him about it. It turns out that in the past they used to be lovers, but ended it with a horrible breakup that still haunts them.

Another Anime with two seasons. The first one with 12 episodes and one OVA, and – you guess it – the second with also 12 episodes. I highly recommend watching this one. It will be worth your time… assuming you can deal with the gay parts.


Horror / Supernatural

Want something a bit scarier? Don’t mind ghosts? Then have a look at these 3 Anime. I was thinking of putting Zombie Loan on my list, but frankly it’s not really scary Anime. So I went with these 3, because they have a certain uneasy feeling to them.


3. Ghost Hound – oh my, this one is really hard to explain. It’s basically about 3 boys that find out they can travel between two worlds – the reality and the hidden world. I think you can best describe it with this quote: Reality is a dream, the dreams of the night are real. Admittedly a bit of a weird Anime, but give it a go. You might like it, even though the ending is a bit weird. I really can’t say much more about this Anime as it would ruin the story for you.

This one has 22 episodes, so nice if you just want something with medium length.


2. Another – like creepy things? Good, then this one is for you. When the most popular girl in class suddenly dies her classmates decide to move on as if she was still around. A new boy joins the class and gets suspicious of their behaviour. Especially since there is this girl that always sits alone in the back and draws pictures. Think you figured out the story already? She’s the ghost of the girl that died? Well, I’m afraid you’re wrong. Go watch it and find out what it actually is.

12 episodes long, with one special.

ergo proxy

1. Ergo Proxy – I wouldn’t say this one is about Robots, but it wouldn’t be wrong either. It’s set in the future when humanity just barely managed to survive with the help of, what they call Autoraves. Humans live in secluded cities shut off from the outside world, but suddenly the Autoraves start becoming independent and play up. The main character finds out that the abnormal behaviour is caused by something called Proxy and sets out to find where these Proxy came from. On her journey she ends up discovering secrets that someone really wants to keep hidden. It has a very dark atmosphere and the art style is really adding to that.

A total of 23 episodes long with a rather interesting ending in store for you. Sadly no OVA though.



Your favourite Anime hasn’t been mentioned yet? Well maybe it will come up in my next list.
I made this list purely because I couldn’t group those next Anime but thought they are well worth mentioning.


Death Note – This Anime is highly regarded by a lot of people and I can see why. After watching as many Anime as I have, you really get to appreciate something that’s a bit more… hmm… intellectual. No cutesy stuff, no awkward teenage romance, no overblown epic battles between the main character and an overly evil “badguy”. If you want something more realistic then you should watch this. Let me warn you though, there is still some “supernatural” stuff in there. Namely Shinigami, or Death Gods. Basically the story centers around a normal guy that happens to find the “Death Note”, which is a book that lets him kill any person whose name is written in the book. Sound interesting yet? Well of course there is a Detective that tries to stop him. Those two more or less make up the main characters and, hell they get it on. Go watch it if you haven’t.

37 episodes, plus one Editors Cut Special, plus I believe 2 movies. The movies I watched are “real character” movies. There might be more. I’d recommend watching the movies, but if you happened to watch L’s movie… get some tissues ready.

UPDATE: In case you haven’t watched Death Note yet, please be mindful reading the Comments on this post, as I and Nyankoto discuss a specific scene that might spoil it a bit for you.


Bleach – Why wasn’t Bleach in the “team based” category? Well because I didn’t consider it a team focused Anime. Sure you can argue on that point, but this is my list, so deal with it. What? You haven’t watched Bleach yet? Alright, let me tell you roughly what it’s about. Shinigami! Yes again with the Death Gods. But this one also has some epic battles. A young boy can see ghosts for a very long time, but one day a monster tries to kill his family and he happens to stumble across a Shinigami and receives the option to save his family by also becoming a Shinigami. After that he gets mixed up in all sorts of battles and becomes stronger every time. I admit this Anime has its down points, meaning a lot of fillers, but it is still worth a watch.

This one comes in 366 episodes and a bunch of Movies, so knock yourself out.


Don’t Watch:

There are still sooo very many Anime I would recommend watching, but this list would be getting way too long, so instead to finish it off I’ll list my “DON’T WATCH” Anime. Don’t watch due to different reason, but if you want to hear my opinion you should stay away from these ones.


Paranoia Agent – Oh god… this Anime is just so very bad. The art style is horrible, the story is basically non-existed and there are so many “WTF” moments I lost count. By all means, don’t ever, EVER bother with this one. If by ANY chance you end up watching this, please let me know what you think. Maybe it’s just me that thinks it’s bad… I really need to know.


5 Centimeters Per Second – This Anime isn’t necessarily bad, in fact the story is actually quite good. The reason I say to stay away is… because it’s one of the most slow-paced Anime I have ever watched and because it’s so VERY sad. I literally cried after watching this. It has to be one of the most touching Anime ever; assuming you can relate to awkward romance. As I said, this isn’t a bad Anime per say, it’s just so very sad. Unless you need a reason to cry, don’t watch this.


Disagree with my list? Or perhaps agree? Let me know in the comments below. Also, tell me if you’re watching subbed or dubbed anime. What’s your favourite genre? – or least favourite.

Also, I might make a second part of Anime Top 3 with different genres. If you want me to have a look at your favourite genre, just drop me a Comment or a Message.

Disclaimer: All the pictures in this blog are not mine, I just googled them. Copyright goes to the respective holder.

~ mau ~

12 thoughts on “Top 3 Anime for different genres

  1. I like a lot of your picks. Personally, I’d put Junjou and Sekaiichi down as a unit (as part of the same universe, with the same author, and similar character styles — they’re like extensions of each other) and include a different third item, although, at that point you’d pretty much be reduced to OVA’s, but I’d love to see something like Haru o Daiteita or Koisuru Boukun on your yaoi list.

    Thank you for including Death Note. What do you think about season 2? I love season 1 with a passion (L is on my iPhone case), but I’d happily leave season 2 by the side of the road. So frustrating.


    • Thank you for your feedback.
      To be honest, I was thinking about putting Junjou and Sekaiichi as one entry but decided to list them separately just because those two are truly my favorites and I felt they deserved a spot on their own. I think I might do an extra list just for Yaoi Anime because there are just so many good ones to mention.
      I really liked Koisuru Boukun, sadly there were only a few episodes, that’s the reason why I didn’t mention it. As for Haru wo Daiteita…. I didn’t even know they made an Anime out of it, I’ve only ever read the Manga. Maybe I missed something, I’ll check it out. ^^

      Ah, Death Note… brilliant Anime, but I do agree with you. The first season was amazing; the second kind of disappointing. Sadly, you could say the same for the Movie though. They cut the best parts and just rushed the story to fit it into 125 minutes. (I used to have L as my wallpaper for the longest time ^^)


      • Yeah, Haru o Daiteita is an OVA, like Koisuru Boukun. Most yaoi anime end up being OVA, just an hour or two long, usually only covering the first volume or so of the story.
        Aarinfantasy has those and most of the other yaoi OVA on their forums.
        I didn’t see the Death Note movie — I was worried about exactly what you mentioned, that they would completely fail to reduce the story to a couple hours. Too bad; such a waste.


      • I definitely will check out Haru – thanks for the info 🙂
        I’m not sure why it is that most Yaoi end up as OVAs. Personally I think it’s a shame, but then again I can understand why it would be hard to get the money or the resources to make all of them into “proper” Anime.
        There are multiple Death Note movies, I have seen 2, but there might be more. If you’re interested in L’s back story, I do recommend watching his movie.
        ( ) It does give a nice insight into his character, but as I mentioned I found it to be very touching. – That might just be me though.


  2. Cool. Thanks for the link. If it’s for L, I’ll ready my tissues and watch (I hate being touched to the point of tears, but I can’t say no to him).
    The foot-washing scene was the first time I started wondering about whether homoeroticism was acceptable in anime, unlike in American cartoons (or just about anything else not R-rated). So I guess Death Note was my gateway drug to yaoi.


    • Interesting way of putting it. I never really saw it as an act that could be considered homoerotic. It probably is because of my upbringing, that I’m very tolerant to physical contact between two people. My that sounded weird, but what I mean is: It never mattered to me what gender people are.
      I always saw the scene as an attempt to become friends, or at least pretend to. (Maybe I’m just weird ^^)
      I can’t really remember what my first Yaoi Anime / Manga was. But I very early one stumbled across Okane ga Nai, which made me wonder if there are more Anime of this sort.


  3. Uh, should I say, SPOILER? Because if you haven’t read/watched Death Note, you probably want to stop right here.
    Actually, I read that scene as a Biblical reference, of Christ washing Judas’ feet before the betrayal (if childhood Sunday school memory serves). But the intimacy in their interaction felt pretty intense, and even though I can see why it could definitely be read as a “let’s be friends” gesture, in the culture where I live — and grew up — guys don’t touch other guys’ feet (actually, unless they’re painting each others’ nails, girls don’t teach other girls’ feet), so to read sexuality into that kind of gesture happened quickly for me.
    Wow. Okane ga Nai — that’s an intense first. I remember Sensitive Pornograph was one of my first, and the pet bunny story pretty much blew my poor little newbie-yaoi mind.


    • Excellent point, I should put a spoiler warning up.
      I do actually remember hearing that as a child. The Biblical reference I mean. It just never crossed my mind back then, or at least as far as I can remember. But I do seem to recall that Light was reading some English or German literacy, so the Author could have actually intended it to be interpreted that way. A whole different way of looking at it, I must say.
      I do remember when I was younger that the feet weren’t really an “intimate” spot. For example giving a friend a foot massage wasn’t something uncommon, granted it had to be a rather close friend.
      Yeah… Okane ga Nai was intense to start with, but in some sense it got me into Yaoi even more. I sadly didn’t have a chance to read Sensitive Pornography yet, but it’s on my ” to read / watch list”.


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